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When I learned all of us are just ET souls that put on human body spacesuits to experience life in the physical dream world to find love, I set out to join up with the source I'd left behind.  That's what I express here in #1 - AWAKEN. 


Awaken silent friend that

I found sleeping here inside,

Time for us once more to share

The laughter and friend words

That were a symphony we played

Somewhere far away and long ago…

Awaken now the ears that heard your melodies,

Awaken now the heart that knew you then.

Let these eyes see and know you

Growing like the butterfly

Whose life no longer footsteps

By the inch across a stem

But soars from rose to daffodil

Across clear streams and over hills…

Somehow I know that

While he crawled from leaf to leaf

He had the same joy that I feel

In finding you asleep inside me

As he labored many days

To cross a patch of garden

Covered now in one brief moment

On his rainbow-colored wings

I know he knew it then…

I’ve learned to hear again

So you can wake up now

And we can share the joy that

He has given us to paint

Upon the rainbow moments

Of eternity. 


Before I considered the problem

I thought it must be very complicated

So when I came to the problem

And I considered it, it was

Sometimes life is like this

And best to look at it

As just a process with 

Many events and countless

Great solutions I will always

Have the resources to find

#102 FREE

I will be

Completely free

When I can forget all

The pains of my life

Because I am and live

All the lessons they taught me

At the same time I know

I am only as free as the

Forgiveness I allow myself

For those things I’ve done

In my life of which

I am most ashamed


#103 FACES

If I were a snowball

And I could run

I would keep away from the

Deforming heat of the sun

That would stop me

From being what I am 

Since I am human running

Life races of my own

I must keep safe from

The deforming heat of hate

That destroys my contact and

Silences the language

Of my soul

#104 PEAKS

There are no lakes

On jagged peaks

Because water does not

Gather there

In our lives and minds

We assemble the rocks

Valleys and jagged peaks

Of who we become

Peace is like water waiting

For us to make a space to fill

With a cosmic symphony

It can only play and

We can only hear in

The deep silence

Of peace


If two and two

Were three

Where this exists

Justice would not be



This morning I

Got up before dawn

So I could watch the sun

Push away the darkness

With usual serenity and poise

Regardless of the noise

And tasks upon my way

Today will be peaceful

Because I took a moment

To welcome in me

What I saw outside

The sunrise of my soul

To fill my day with its

Enfolding light


#213 REACT

Have you ever thought

How strange it is that

Birds, tigers, dogs, elephants

Cats, horses, porpoises

And human beings

All need and respond

The same way

To love?


Wherever he went

As he wandered

Through the countryside

Saint Francis was followed

By birds and animals

He spoke with them

And they could answer him

I know this was not a case

Of a man talking to


#108 NOW

If I forgot

All of my past and

Accepted the future

In a state of active grace

I would be all of my past and

Flow safely through the future

Because I’d be living everything

With the all of me I am now

The single unit of active eternity

I have spent my life 

Learning to become



A good thought is

Like a mirror in which

We can see ourselves clearly

In a thought we are the viewer

And the reflection

The thought is never more

Or less than the depth

Of who we really are...

Because so many have

Already taken this human journey

We must measure ourselves

In the mirror of evolved thoughts

Of those who have a wider view

Than ours and know what lies ahead

Let those who’ve been there

Describe the destination

And in allowing this we’ll

Begin to open the gates in us

For life’s most precious gift

The active humility needed

As the first step on the way

To wisdom

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