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    This is the mountain range in Southern Cal where I lived for many years, but with all I had going on when I was younger, I had to live in the city.  My heart is always in the mountains.  It's a space I can turn to inside and feel the power of its peace.  Sometimes when I was caught up in the rat race of my life, part of me was lonely to be home. 

    I'm also a musician.  Here's an example of me as a songwriter and guitarist when I wrote a poem and also the music to express thoughts and feelings inside me just too big for ordinary words.  I wrote a finger style guitar background and thank Kenny and Bobby for turning it into a beautiful solo guitar duet.  I think of this as Linda singing the song of my soul. 




I wrote it to express how part of me was feeling back in those days.


A bear does a dance for her master

Tied to the end of a chain...

She is dancing to organ music

Trying not to know it's the same

When I saw a child give an ice cream I cried, for I saw the look on her face

A far away sadness and longing for someone, and emptiness there in its place

Carnival bear do you long for green pastures, where the trees sing the songs of the wind

Where you sleep and you play when you want to, and you dance to the tunes of the wind

LINDA 2.jpg



Linda sang it. Used to be able to hear it with a click but no longer now.

And so you can see who you're dealing with, here are

a couple of photos from over the years. 

Late 20s when I was a professional actor in TV and films, around the time I wrote the poems. 

Around 65 here with the mountains where I lived behind me.

75 here, at my cabin relaxing with a beer after a day of working on classic cars. 

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